Bunge ProCuisine BF1 – Bunge Pro

85% sunflower oil, 15% butter oil,
natural flavoring 

  • Perfect for both hot and cold uses: for baking, frying, cooking and sauces. 
  • It combines perfectly with fish, seafood, meats, chops, poultry, vegetables, eggs, and sweet dishes. 
  • The product does not need to be dissolved. Its smooth form guarantees easy and precise measuring and a shorter preparation time for preparing dishes. 
  • Efficiency -A high smoke point of 210°C (vs 195°C for clarified butter) make it possible to use the product in a wide temperature range. 
  • Lower level of saturated fatty acids (13%) in relation to clarified butter (62.7%). 
  • A source of omega 6 fatty acids. 
  • An efficient and effective replacement for clarified butter. It allows you to achieve more than 50% savings. 
PackagingSizeEAN CODEPaletteBest before3
PET bottle
(3×3 l)
3 litres5900012009730216 pcs
(648 litres)
8 months

3From production date

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