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Vegetable oils that are liquid at room temperature are the most convenient to work with. They can easily be poured from the container directly into your fry kettle. They can also be filtered at cold temperatures.
The proper usage of solid fats requires more time and training. For example, solid fats need to be slowly melted over a low heat when first introduced into the fry kettle. There are multiple methods to pack the fryer properly, see here. Also, solid fats must be filtered warm because the fat solidifies as it cools.

Liquid oils are the most convenient products to work with. They can be poured directly from containers

Perhaps you have an operation that is heavily involved into frying. You have reliable, skilled employees that can handle most kitchen tasks. A highly stable high oleic sunflower or rapeseed oil may be the perfect choice for you, since you have all resources to maintain optimized performance. However, you may have trouble optimizing your performance due to business fluctuations and lack of structure. This is why many operations change their oil routinely, even if the oil has extended expiry and performance qualities.  The Bunge Pro product family can assist you in developing operational effectiveness and maximize performance!

Solid fats need to be melted over low heat when first introduced into the fryer. 

Overcoming the unhealthy image of fried food is a challenge for you and your customers. Many businesses successfully handle these objections by letting their customers know that they use a certain type of oil. High oleic sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, and regular sunflower oil have very positive images with consumers. Choosing your oil from the customer psychology aspect can have a significant impact on your profitability.

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