Good frying practices – Bunge Pro

Fill baskets only half full: 

filling the basket completely will result in greasy, soggy food. Do not exceed manufacturer’s minmum recommended load; 1:10 (1liter of frying oil: 100g of fried food). Load baskets away from the fryer.

Skim frequently:

For best results, skim off floating food particles as frequently as possible.

Allow foods to drain: 

When lifting fryer baskets out of the oil, allow food to drain before emptying!

Keep the fryer filled: 

Frying oil should be kept at the fill line marked on the inside of the fryer. 

Filter frequently: 

Click here for a complete description.

Season away from fryer: 

Salt and seasoning contain small quantities of natural metallic contaminants. When introduced into the oil, they speed up the rate of oil “breakdown”, which causes foaming, dark colour and off flavours.

The golden rules of frying

  1. Quality oils produce quality fried foods.
  2. Good frying practices produce good quality fried foods.
  3. Buying quality oil is as important as buying quality food. Remember, the oil is both a cooking medium and an ingredient.  
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