oil Don’ts – Bunge Pro

Do not stir, agitate or aerate the oil unnecessarily.

Do not contaminate the oil with sprays, polishes, cleaners, insecticides, and plastic.

Do not use salt or seasoning over or near the fryer.

Do not load baskets over fryer.

Do not over-fill fry baskets with food. 

Do not allow copper or copper alloys (bronze/brass) to contact the fryer.

Do not overheat the oil – especially when loading the fry kettle.

Do not scratch or scrape the fry kettle surface by using souring pads or wire brushes.

Do not use rusty/worn kettles.

Do not fill disposed oil back into kettle.

Do not add/mix bad oil to good oil.

Do not dispose the oil without a reason.

Do not pour or drain oil from too big distance as this will cause oxidation. 

Do not allow frozen foods to thaw before placing into the fryer.

Do not fry at temperatures over 180°C.

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