oil Do’s – Bunge Pro

Do select an oil of highest quality such as Bunge Pro high oleic sunflower oil. 

Do select the proper equipment in accordance with the fried food volume.

Do calibrate the thermostat.

Do check oil temperature daily with a calibrated thermometer. 

Do fry at the lowest temperature possible.

Do turn fryer temperature down when the fryer is not in use. 

Do cover the fryer after turning off and after the oil has cooled.

Do choose the right oil for your operation.

Do drain/blot wet foods before frying.

Do shake off/remove loose breading before frying.

Do filter the oil at least once a day.

Do filter the oil at the lowest temperature possible.

Do skim the oil frequently.

Do maintain the proper oil level.

Do thoroughly wash and rinse the fry kettle when totally replacing the oil.

Do scrub the fryer with a non-abrasive pad.

Do store the oil at room temperature.

Do keep the hood and exhaust system clean.

Do wear protective gear as handling hot oil can be dangerous.

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